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A good story immerses the reader in its reality, like an invisible force pushing you over and across its narrative arc. But most importantly, a good story invites you to fill in the details of its reality. You’re bounded only by your own imagination.

One expects certain things of an upscale home, elegance and luxury among them. But the most discerning buyers also expect it to tell a story. The story of The Cortel Collection begins with our vision for these residences and arrives at the life you aspire to live.

The force behind the narrative are the propelling principles.

At the core of this story, there are three animating concepts.

The Floor Plans

The Floor Plans

The Cortel Collection is the pinnacle of our offerings as a builder. It’s a series of penthouses and townhomes designed and built with the utmost attention to detail. It’s our opportunity to demonstrate the highest commitment to our craft from the first sketch to the final finish.

About Cortel Group
Cortel Group

Since the 1970s, Cortel has built communities from the ground up and given back where we’ve laid down roots. Our logo is the seed, not only because we endeavour to be environmentally responsible, but because even the grandest communities begin as something small. We only plant the seeds of communities where we know they will flourish.

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